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    Scissors – You’ll want a good pair of shears (normally sold with names like « dressmaking shears ») and a pair of pinking shears. You will knot the longer single thread however you like and begin sewing. Tie these tails in a standard knot.
    Stopper Knot Tying Instructions. Form a small loop at the end of a line by running tag end over standing line. Tie an overhand knot around standing line. Pull overhand knot tight and feed tag end through noose (loop) end. Pull tag end all the way through and slide knot down tight. Pull both ends tight.
    12 Apr 2013
    Step-by-step measuring instructions to ensure a perfect fit Read More (Any longer and it might tangle; any shorter and it’s hard to sew.) Tie a Sturdy Knot For heavy-duty jobs, like buttons, pull the thread until the ends meet; knot together
    12 Aug 2010 In this video, we learn how to tie off when sewing by hand. First you Now, pull tightly until there is a tight knot at the bottom of the thread. Now
    Method 1. Threading the Needle and Tie a Knot Using Your Fingers. Insert the thread through the eye of the needle. Pull the thread through the needle. Hold the other end between your thumb and forefinger. Wrap the thread around your finger. Rub the thread loop. Pull the loop into a knot.
    15 Oct 2014 You’ve threaded the needle, now you have to tie a knot. alteration guides, even instructions to help you with that pesky sewing machine.
    In this lesson, I’ll show you how to tie off both with and without knots, as well as a with about three inches of thread to spare until you get good at making knots.
    13 Aug 2008
    28 Jun 2012 Pull the thread all the way through until the knot snugs against the underside of the fabric. Use a fingertip to keep the button in its place. Turn the needle around and push it back down through the hole opposite the one you came up from. Push it all the way through and tug the thread tight.

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